Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SCAM ALERT! Laowai Career Center is typical bait and switch China job fraud so very easy to believe - fishing with fake ESL, TEFL, & Fortune 500 job ads.

This one post below from reddit pretty much says it all.  Other than this the only thing you really need to know is that the Laowai Career Center is owned by the same Russian man (Yuri Khlystov) who brought us the deadly Gi2C China Internship Scam, the Getin2China black visa scam, and the study abroad fraud known as Wiseway Global Education... all of which is explained at:

Learn from this guy's mistake...

I am naive - not dumb. I thought it was safe to trust other foreigners already working in China. I did not know they were paid to lie for this company.

What really hurts is that I quit a $40,000 job to do this because I was offered a job to earn "20,000 a month" teaching quality control standards to Chinese workers. Here is what happened and why I fell for it (you would too).

The company (Laowai Career Center) looks great on the internet but the fancy website is a well-disguised fraud with fake self-written reviews and testimonials they pay tourists and local expat students $500 to make for them. I met one of those expat students who suggested I could make $500 in less than an hour, not knowing I was there to demand a refund.

Laowai Career Center copies and pastes dozens of real ads from other legitimate HR websites and then inserts its own logo. Then they mix in a bunch of fantastic jobs that they make up - like "Earn 20,000 a month in China with a famous Fortune 500 Company working 30 hours per week - furnished apartment included - all travel expenses paid".  They use these fake ads to get lots of people to send in their resumes by the hundreds.  Those resumes are now sales leads and the job applicants are called and told they are on the "short list".  The job I applied for was posted for a month even after they said I was hired, but they deleted it 3 days after I got to China.

A fake interview is then done by Skype where I was told I had the perfect personality and language skills for the job and they even told me they would teach me how to speak Chinese and would earn an extra 5,000 per month once I completed the language training!  They told me the man who called me "Todd Walker" was the deputy HR director for HP in China (Hewlett Packard).  I now know that no such person works at HP.

I was offered the job and asked to pay a processing and application fee ($299) which they said would be reimbursed on my first pay check. They sent me an original contract which I had to sign and send back to their BEIJING office located on Zhongguancun Street - yet they tell everyone their office is in Hangzhou! They also tell everyone they have been doing business for "almost 10 years" but their website registration proves they are lying (2014 registration).

So I quit my $40,000 job as a KFC manager and fly to Beijing. I was told I would get a free apartment so I made no arrangement nor had extra money for a hotel. There was no free apartment because they gave me some "bad news" that because of "political tensions over the South China Sea"  HP decided not to hire any more foreigners for at least a year!  But they then try to ease the pain by getting me to teach Engish to 6-8-year-old kids in some chain school for a ridiculous salary equal to $1,200 per month!

I demanded to meet the owner of the company but the reception girl said the employees were "forbidden" from giving that name. I then found it on the internet - and it is not a Chinese person, but a Russian guy linked to five other China scams all over the internet...

This morning my sister sent me these two links which I never saw because I was too busy reading all the links to the fake testimonials sent to me by the Laowai Career Center rep Linda (a Chinese girl who would not tell me her full Chinese name).  and also this one here which shows the previous scams of the Russian owner

When I finally tracked down the office which has a sign in front that says "Gi2c China Internships" I met two girls who went there to pick up fake diplomas they said they were told they needed to work in China and they paid $1,500 each for them. Apparently, this company also sell fakes documents. I told the police everything and they said they will investigate. I am not holding my breath.

Here is the really devious part... They told me to lie on my visa application to say I was coming over to China to do "research on Chinese culture". They could not give me a Z visa but gave me an M visa instead which is only good for 90 days. So when I went to demand a refund, I threatened to call the cops and they said "go ahead - you are in China illegally without a Z visa and you will be arrested - not us!".  I consulted a lawyer at the embassy and she said they were right.  They set up this brilliant scam perfectly to trap people. And because they are in China, no foreign government can prosecute them. When I told everything to the Chinese police, they were more amused than anything and I heard one say "Too many dumb foreigners come to China". When I asked him to explain he just shook his head, laughed, and said at least 20 people a week tell them much the same story, but no victim is willing to stay in China the three months it would take to make a claim in the Chinese courts and hire a bilingual Chinese lawyer for $5,000. Shit, it would cost me another $5,000 just to stay in Beijing for those three months. Like I said, these scammers got all of their bases covered."

Here is another victim report I read in the CSP monthly newsletter;

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Reddit is KING OF CENSORSHIP - Mods have own money making ventures like Tan_Guan in China

Reddit moderator Tan_Guan deleted many posts in the China subredit that exposes news items about foreign teachers being arrested and/or deported including this Global Times news aticle he deleted 5 times from three threads.

Now the question is "WHY?"  According to more than one ESL forum, the mod is making money recruiting teachers for China and the many posts that he deletes are simply bad for business - his personal business.  Here are more examples:
(take from &, and

"It took me 6 months to figure it out but finally he gave himself away by his biased deletions of anything anyone posted on Reddit that exposed job agent fraud or even links to CCTV News investigation and this article published in a newspaper with 17 million readers- the Global Times which he had the balls to say was a fake article! No sympathy for foreigners working illegally in Shanghai - Global Times The asshole even deleted links where people talked about pedophile foreign teachers and how and agent helped Neil Robinson (the arrested pedophile pictured above) get into China! Was that agent Tan Guan? Why else would he delete links about the shameful 2014 episode?

The truth is that this guy uses his mod position to access the names and email addresses of ESL teachers asking questions at reddit about working in China. I did a little experiment. I logged on as anew user and asked only 3 questions about working in China. within 36 hours I received email that offered ne assistance yet when I asked how they got my Hotmail email address (that I made up only two days before and used only for this test, thy gave me0 "Tan_Guan the Reddit Moderator" and "Nomad Soul" (a user at also known to be a job recruiter)as references. When I asked for their real names and telephone numbers so I could talk with them. Then I received an Email supposedly from Tan Guan from a yahoo email account who said he could help me get a good job in China. Still he would not give me a phone number or even Skype contact, unless I would send him a resume and photo. So I took it to the next level and fabricated a great resume and borrowed a photo of the internet and sent it to Tan Guan. This morning I received a call from China ESL who said they had a job for me and that I was recommended from Tan_Guan!!!!

After I stopped laughing I search this China ESL and found that it is another black job agencies in China! I called back to ask them their business license number and they said they would show it to me only if I came to the interview and was hired. That was enough for me. I then started looking around online about Reddit's reputation, and see they have lost whatever rep they used to have. I found this here amongst other things at

"In the last year I caught three public forums overrun with moderators that were China English teacher recruiters that are unlicensed to do business in China...eslcafe, echinacities, and the beijinger. No worries, I simply kept my visits limited to here, eslbase, and eslwatch and have not been misled about anything. However I now saw this post about Reddit in an "open letter" that apparently emailed to about 100,000 ESL and TEFL teachers, and this really makes we wonder; 

Why can't people just accept that every teaching destination has some negative issues that have to be dealt with and highlight the positives? There is no need to hide the pollution, hepatitis, nor scams of China! Just tell people how to avoid them! I really hate the deception and have now lost all respect I had for Reddit which in now even less credible than The National Enquirer! Here is what I am talking about;

"It has just come to our attention that Reddit moderator Tan_Guan is a black unlicensed China foreign teacher recruiter misusing his authority to delete truthful and factual information in the China and Chinajob subredits to conceal negative facts including;

* 49 China foreign teachers spent their Christmas in a Shanghai jail after being caught working with illegal F and Z visas. He even deleted 7 users who posted this article link to the Global Times newspaper and 3 to CCTV News archives.
No sympathy for foreigners working illegally in Shanghai - Global Times

* The deportation of over 1,600 expat teachers from China in 2014 and these 379 more recent ones
viewtopic.php?f=21&t=6380 and also here

* He has also deleted links of foreign teachers in China who have warned each other China inbound teachers to be aware of a huge hepatitis outbreak (about 18% of the China population is infected with Hepatitis) Google for the details.

* He also has deleted scam alerts about the Echinacities resume and identity theft scam that is explained in detail at and here

* Tan_Guan has also deleted warnings from actual scam victims who were set up for China PSB sting scams that used fake job ads that are now mention at,,, the CFTU,, ESLEmployment and most other expat job sites for China like this one here;

* This biased mod has also hidden and removed fraud alerts about MLM scams that deliberately target overseas teachers because it is hard for them to make police complaints to American authorities or sue the scam artists from China, like the World Ventures Travel Club scam (MLM) described here:

* He did not even users to tell other foreign teachers that they had real labor rights in China! Employee Rights Of China Foreign ESL, TEFL, & AP Expat Teachers (1/2) - ESLwatch Forum - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews...

* Here is another news gem item about the rewards being paid by police to find fake teachers using phony diplomas and illegal z visas that he deleted China Foreign Teachers Unite & Report Fake & Unqualified Teachers To The PSB! (1/4) - ESLwatch Forum - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews...

Overall this appears to be a classic example how people become moderators to help their own personal business thrive through CENSORSHIP. How many people would really want to work in China or use an agent if they knew that 72% of all China foreign teachers are cheated by their own job agents and employers at least once, or they have a 33% chance of getting arrested because they listened to some shady agent and used the wrong visa? Or would you really be in a rush to work with an agent who tells you the average wage is $1,200 per month when it is really $3,000?

Last year Reddit was caught censoring Glen Greenwald and posts in support of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Their own former moderators have circulated a petition to stop the CENSORHIP and their forrmer CEO Ellen resigned over the CENSORSHIP issue. Yet they continue to allow biased mods to censor at their own whim with no oversight.

So, if you really want the truth about teaching in China, do NOT trust Reddit friends. 

If you still do not know who or what to believe at reddit, just look at the total comment count, and then count the number of actual comments showing. Now you know how many comments were deleted! Those that want actual screen shots of what was deleted, check at and real REMEMBER, REDDIT DOES NOT GUARANTEE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND AS A PRIVATE WEBSITE CAN LEGALLY POST FABRICATIONS & PROPAGANDA IF THEY WANTED TO.

However, simply through the fine art of selective censorship, they can easily spin or shape the truth for any political or commercial convenience. Tan_Guan is an unethical mod who needs to be replaced ASAP. He would be quite at home in North Korea where his deceit would be more welcomed and appreciated.

P.S. Here is the latest scam that Tan_Guan and his fellow China job agents do not want you to see:"